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In Tantra you are actively raising your orgasmic energy away from you gonads (sex organs) up the shushumna (spinal column). The base chakra, or energy centra the muladara, is the site of the physical or sexual orgasm. For men working at this level this also means ejaculation. This level or orgasm, though lots of fun, is about physical release and has little to with spiritual development.

In Greek philosophy Eros is the same as Muladara and Storge is the same as Svadisthana.

Raising sexual energy to the Svadisthana, the chakra, located about an inch (2.4cm) below your navel, takes the sexual experience up an octave. You know your svadisthana is open if you can swing your hips. This is as true for a man as for a woman.

To practise opening your svadisthana stand up with your feet facing forwards in line with your hips, soften your knees so that you legs are loose. Now, rotate you hips. If your legs are stiff you will not be able to do this. When you are walking focus you attention on your svadisthana, this will raise your centre of gravity and your consciousness from your muladara to your svadisthana.

What this means in developing your Tantric practise is that loosening your hips will create a more sensual feel within you and also within your touch. It is good to practise standing naked with your partner, ensuring that you both have soft knees. Genital contact is good at this point and even penetration. If one of you is shorter one of you might need to be standing on something.

Now try slowly rotating your hips together so that the motion moves you both round and around, as though you were both using a hula hoop. Muladara motion is backwards and forwards in a thrusting motion that is often a hard motion. Svadisthana motion is soft, sensual and circular.

When you are in a lying position avoid thrusting and use a softer rotating motion that may even be a slight rather than active.

At the same time begin to use your lips and your fingers in a sensual way so that the contact is soft and sensual and never hard.

Using a sensual technique increases the tuning, or the Tantric weaving, so that the intensity of orgasm increase greatly. The more the tuning, the greater the energy, the more intense the orgasm.


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