The Manipura Lover


In the six word for love from the classical Greek, the word ‘Ludens’ was used to describe carefree style of loving. In the Eastern system this would be related to the manpura chakra, the energy centre over the solar plexus and the colour yellow.

The Manipura Lover may have something of the Peter Pan’s about them in that they remain young at heart or as some might say immature. Often often the yellow time of life would be seen as adolescence when the current order is questions and rebellion is common. When the yellow phase is played out in later life we describe is as a mid life crisis.

However some people remain in the yellow phase as a perpetual life style.

Yellow-ness as a style of loving will be varied and different. The yellow drive is towards new and novel experiences that spark the intellect and catch the mind. This can lead to a butterfly like personality that lack the emotional commitment needed by other types of personality for stability.

Yellow love is fun, the word Ludens is playful fun love, it will always be different. Yellow love making may involve experiment, and can at times become dark in it’s experimentation. Often yellow lovers enjoy role play and variations that may include several people.

Tantra and Ludens is, however well suited. For many people Tantra only becomes a possibility of mind when we are open enough to consider and arty alternatives to our everyday experience. We also need the disinhibition to engage in the experiential sex, and be open enough for experimentation. This may also include the openness to meditate.

Red love is straight sexuality, orange love is warn sensuality and yellow love is fun. For some yellow will lack the seriousness for the Tantric task. It could be that Ludens arrives at the same place but through a fun filled path.

The yoga related to this form or mind is Jnana Yoga. This is the philosophers yoga of the discriminating mind and decision making that seeks to refine the perceptual tools of the intellect.

Ludens is fun and Ludens lovers enjoy their sexuality with relish

Take care and have fun,
Sean x

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