The Mania Lover


In the six words used to describe love “Mania” in Classical Greek is the highly aroused and passionate love. Mania as in Maniacal. Mania is the passion that leads to great and, often elaborate acts that show a great depth of feeling. This may be the need to send a dozen, dozen (144) red roses as a show of love, when for another type of person a single rose would say so much more.

This is related to the colour green and can be obsessive and possessive. It is not an accident that we say “Green with envy”. This green mania drive is possessive attachment and ownership of any love object.

Green shows of emotion are often elaborate, noisy and demand attention and that is really the point on Mania. Sexually the Mania partner is beating the mattress and shouting “yes, yes” and “more”, “don’t stop” and so on. Mania is the loud demonstration for all to see and hear. But this is only half of the story there is a universal positivity in green love.

The green drive is related to The Anhatta Chakra sited in the middle of the sternum over the heart, related to the Thymus endocrine organ. The Anhatta means ‘the unstruck sound’. It is the causeless cause, the essence of your essential self. The love that goes beyond any form of attachment, yet remains ego based.

Think of it this way. The green drive of the Anhatta is normally seen as the ego, or sense of self. If your ego is small and limited my ego bubble may only include you alone. If the bubble expands it might include your partner immediate or extended family. As consciousness increases the bubble gets ever bigger. It may include a town, an area, a whole country, all of humanity, the world or, the entire universe.

There are two forms of this green manifestation. In the first the ego is out front, generally getting in the way and demanding attention. In the second the ego is round the back being used as a power pack to drive forward. Mother Theresa of Calcutta had an ego large enough to include all the poor of Calcutta. They were within her ego bubble so that she identified them as herself. Gandhi included all the peoples of the subcontinent, Muslim and Hindu, as himself. Nelson Mandela, on release from Robin Island, managed to include all the people of South Africa black and white as himself.

In sexual tantra practise the energy rises up the shishumna (spinal column) from the physical gonad orgasm at the Muladara Chakra Red level, through the expanded bioenergetic orgasm at the Svadisthana Chakra Orange level, though astral orgasm at the Manipura Chakra Yellow level to the Green Anhatta Chakra orgasm in which the limited ego identity of the individual is overcome to allow the two tantric partners to merge as one. This is the point where the petit mort (little death) of orgasm becomes a total death of individual identity and ego and two people merge to become one.

Mania, in a non-Tantric sexual sense, is about ownership, possession, attachment, envy, jealousy, loss, hurt, joy and wonder is equal and painful measures.

Mania in a Tantric sense is all about expansions, inclusion, love, care, the surrender of self to the unity of others and, is the first stage to the self annihilation or nirvana of enlightenment.

The yoga related to the Anhatta is Bhakti Yoga. This is the yoga of non-attached service. It is total giving while expecting nothing in return. The Bhakti can, in service, put their own needs aside and attend to the needs of others. When two Bhaktis engage in Tantric sexual practice because they are so selflessly atentive to each others needs they can reach great heights of sexual and spiritual joy.

Don’t think what can my partner do for me, think, what can i do for my partner!

Be happy

Sean x

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