Tantric Sex and the Eros Lover


People often ask me ‘what is the magic of Tantra?’ Eros is said to be the God of love. This is not exactly true. Eros is the God of physical love. It is from Eros that we get words like erotic and erogenous.

Sexual love, while it awakens kundalini, the serpent that sleeps at the base of the spine, only awakens it to a limited physical expression of love. It is the situation where our eyes lock “across a crowded room” and the violence of Eros’s arrow hits us so hard that we fall in heat and the limited glory of the physical contracting orgasm.

Bio-energetic Energy & Tantra

In Eros, sexual encounters may be hard and furious; they may involve violently erotic physical orgasms; there may be a lot that follow one after another. However, they do not raise the spiritual energy and the bio-energetic energy that is Tantra.

Tantra = Raised Sexual Energy

In Erogenous sex, orgasm involves the release of energy across the gonads. In Tantra, we raise the energy to ever higher levels that eventually leads to total body orgasm, merging orgasm, and the self-annihilation of complete orgasm when we become one with all of creation.

When we engage with an Eros lover, we have high levels of physical arousal. We feel the excitement of lust and desire that can be so powerful that it burns like a fire and becomes a real sensation of heat. We fire into energised physical contracting orgasm, perhaps even on a roll, and yet, in time, afterwards, it feels as though something fundamental is missing, something is incomplete. We are left needing more and so we, lustfully, chase it in an effort to discover the missing ingredient.

The Magic of Tantra

It is this lack of fulfillment in purely erotic sex that creates the promiscuous drive that seeks to find quality in quantity but never can. Fulfillment comes from raising kundalini to higher levels. It is the magic of Tantra.

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