Tantra, Sex and Unified Consciousness


We live in a universe of two halves. These two halves always act in an attempt to balance each other and are always attracted to each other. In a balanced universe, there is an equality of both. In Tantra, the balance between the male and the female roles should always be equal.

If either becomes dominant, then the practice falls out of balance and heightened orgasm will not be achieved.

These two halves are the duality that is in all creation and are always present. In its simplest sense, the duality is expressed as positive and negative. At a quantum level, this is matter and anti-matter. When, in any system, an equal amount of positive charge combines with an equal amount of negative charge, they will each cancel the other out so that neither exists.

At the level of consciousness, this duality may be expressed as male and female, active and passive, purusha and prakritti, yin and yang and so on. When two people come together in Tantric embrace, they are attempting to create a perfect balance of this duality so that neither exists, yet they merge into oneness and, eventually, become one with the whole, with all of creation.

The word Tantra means “woven together”. This is the bonding of the duality. Tantric practitioners are cosmic weavers that bring the two halves of creation together and in so doing, cease to exist, and yet become one with that is.

God bless all you weavers,

Sean x

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