Tantra: Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

In the Kamasutra the issue of size is discussed at length. The sexual proportions are given the properties of an animal. So that if the man has the proportions of a horse, while the woman has the proportions of a deer, they may not be a good match as he will be too big for her and be painful. If on the other hand, she has the dimension of an elephant and he the dimensions of a deer, there may be no sensation for either, and therefore, no stimulus to raise energy.

In a spoof version of the Kamasutra, “the Irish Kamasutra” the same point was made when the reader was asked “Is it like trying to force a marshmallow into a parking meter, or like throwing a sausage up Oxford Street?” The point is well made. For sex on any level to work, the dimensions of the partners need to fit.

Now, it is true that a woman’s vaginal wall has a tremendous ability to expand a woman can give birth to a baby after all. So that often, even if a man is generously proportion, or is like an Elephant and she like a deer, she can, given appropriate preparation accommodate his girth, though length may be an issue. However, small women may not find large men a comfortable or enjoyable experience.

From an mans point of view, if the woman is too tight he can have problems with control and holding back ejaculation due to the increased friction. At the same time if the woman is too large there will be little sensation for either party. When this occurs certain position will increase stimulus.

For both men and women to maintain sexual vitality and health they need to practice daily pelvic floor exercises, known in yoga as the “mula banda”. I will cover this in more detail in the next blog.

In short, yes size does matter, though for skilful practitioners most issues can be overcome.

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