As a Hindu of Indian Origin, I feel well able to comment on this book.

In the book the author rightly says ‘Most people approach sexuality from a genital point of view. In reality genitals are probably the least important part of sex.’

Please read this book if you are single, married, or in a relationship, please realise how physical sex is such a limiting experience and how through tantra you can experience the most beautiful, spiritual, sensual ultimate connection
Words are not enough for this book just buy, read and put it into practice.

By H. Aabybro on

Sex can be a bit of a taboo. I purchased this not really knowing what to expect, but have been genuinely surprised by how it has affected my life. I read this with my partner. We are both in to meditation and were keen to try and express ourselves better sexually.

The author took us step by step through various practices. Our favourite chapters were ‘The Art of Touch, Taste and Smell’. Really made us think and appreciate each other so much more.

This book is really worth investing in! Everyone should be taught this stuff.

By OJ Harrison on

Some tantra guides seem very clinical. They just lay out the steps, this author really feels like he’s speaking to you. He shares intimate knowledge of how bodies work. I appreciated the many specific insights he offered, both technical and emotional. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to put the principles of tantra into practice and succeed.

By M Nolan on

This is a wonderful book. The author tells a wonderfully simple story from 3 very interesting but differing perspectives. Whilst there is a ‘plot’ that runs through the story, the chapters are clear enough so that you can dip in and out – very useful for anyone who might be putting the lessons in to practice

A great read, and well worth a purchase.

By M Mollins on

If you’ve read the book and would like to share your views then please do feel free to contact the author!

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