Orgasm: Going Beyond Your Self


Embrace the Orgasm!

The orgasm is a strange and amazing thing, wouldn’t you agree?

The Kamastutra was, for many years, the mainstay of sexual education, offering insights that suggest sexuality could be more than mere genital satiation. The science of Tantra lifts sexuality to ever higher dimensions, to discover spiritual awakening. In genital orgasm, the Prana, (bio-energy, also known as Chi) charges between the ovaries or testes and then discharges into contracting orgasm, and physical satisfaction.

The Higher State Orgasm

Tantric practice raises the genital sexual energy from the gonads (sex organs), and awakens the sexual/spiritual energy, known as Kundalini, the spiral serpent that sleep at the base of the spine. Through Tantric practice, meditation, and sexual control, the energy of kundalini rises up the shishumna (spinal column) charging the Amrit (cerebral spinal fluid) allowing orgasm to occur at ever higher states.

Orgasm: ‘The Little Death’

The orgasm

The Orgasm (click image for source)

When the energy reaches the upper energy centres, (Chakras). This leads to three higher states of orgasm. The first state of orgasm is when the discharge is between the hemispheres of the brain, this is the ecstasy of meditation. The second is when the discharge is between the two individuals in total body orgasm when the individual self ceases to exist (self expansion) and the two merge as one. The third state of orgasm is when transcendence is beyond all physical and sensual form, connection or attachment and we becomes one with all of creation, (self annihilation) and we cease to exist.

Orgasm in French is “petit Mort” or “little death”. In orgasm, for a short while, we cease to exist, and transcend all that we see our self to be.

In sexuality we acknowledge both live and death in the pure light of total love.

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