Kamastutra and the Science of Touch


In my book “Tantra, Sex, Orgasm, and, Meditation”, just like the Kamasutra, my Tantric teacher explains about the importance of touch. Our bodies are sensory organs that allow us to interact with the world. Our ability to touch, and be touched, forms the basis of all relationships, from a hand shake, a hug, a kiss, a cuddle, to full body massage are all sensual connections that tune us into the other person. To the awake person the nature of a hand shake, in grip, firmness, and sensitivity, temperature and moisture, speak volumes about the person, and may tell us all that we need to know.

In the foreplay of sexuality we also tune into another person. The Kamasutra explains a lot about touch. In my book Vanessa shows, in practical lessons, how touch, as foreplay is a vital precursor to successful sex.

The body is beautifully designed with wonderful erogenous zones. As you explore your partner’s body try using delicate touch, so that you fingers are nothing more than a feather moving over their body. As you discover their erogenous areas try differing your touch. Add pressure and allow your fingers to learn, ask your partner for feedback. Try using the ball of your finger and the turn you hand and use the back of your nail, asked your partner what is the difference. Turn your hand and gently scratch.

The tuning into your partners body is the forerunner to Tantric practice, it should be fun and enjoyable. Of course when you have finished discovering your partner’s body it will be their turn to discover yours. When you both become skilled in each other, you can be sensual with each other at the same time.

Sean x

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