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The Mania Lover


In the six words used to describe love “Mania” in Classical Greek is the highly aroused and passionate love. Mania as in Maniacal. Mania is the passion that leads to great and, often elaborate acts that show a great depth of feeling. This may be the need to send a dozen, dozen (144) red roses as a show of love, when for another type of person a single rose would say so much more.

This is related to the colour green and can be obsessive and possessive. It is not an accident that we say “Green with envy”. This green mania drive is possessive attachment and ownership of any love object.

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The Svadisthana Love


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In Tantra you are actively raising your orgasmic energy away from you gonads (sex organs) up the shushumna (spinal column). The base chakra, or energy centra the muladara, is the site of the physical or sexual orgasm. For men working at this level this also means ejaculation. This level or orgasm, though lots of fun, is about physical release and has little to with spiritual development.

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Orgasm: Going Beyond Your Self


Embrace the Orgasm!

The orgasm is a strange and amazing thing, wouldn’t you agree?

The Kamastutra was, for many years, the mainstay of sexual education, offering insights that suggest sexuality could be more than mere genital satiation. The science of Tantra lifts sexuality to ever higher dimensions, to discover spiritual awakening. In genital orgasm, the Prana, (bio-energy, also known as Chi) charges between the ovaries or testes and then discharges into contracting orgasm, and physical satisfaction. Continue reading →