Tantra, Sex, Orgasm and Meditation

Tantra, Sex, Orgasm and Meditation by Sean Orford
In this book author, speaker psychotherapist Sean Orford explains how sexuality can be the ultimate tool in achieving the highest levels of meditative bliss and how positive sexual interactions can transform your life, both as an individual or as a couple.

Sean takes sexuality and the simple yet memorizing sexual act and explains how you can be lifted to a greater height of sexual understanding. In this easy to read and highly informative book, psychotherapist Sean Orford tells his unique story of sexual discovery.

When traveling student, Naz, meets Vanessa, an older and highly experienced Tantric practitioner, his life is changed forever.

Vanessa transforms Naz from a rough, well intentioned, genitally minded young man into a sensitive yet powerful Tantric lover. On an incredible journey Naz is taught the sexual importance of touch, taste and smell, the truth about Tantra and the difference between a true, total body orgasm and mere ejaculation.

This book will transform your understanding of yourself, your body and sexual experience – and how the three can connect you spiritually through meditation with all of creation.

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Interview with the Author

Chapter List

  1. Sexual Understanding
  2. The Sanctity of the Body
  3. Orgasm
  4. Vanessa
  5. The Art of Touch
  6. Smell
  7. Taste
  8. Masturbation
  9. Oral Sex
  10. Yang Sex
  11. Yin Sex
  12. Non Attachment
  13. The Journey
  14. Eastern Tantra
  15. Sexual Touch & Meditation
  16. Where Next?

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